Bridal Store Logo on store front and business card

Bridal store logo and branding

Bridal Store logo and branding

Downtown Gowns does not have your typical bridal store logo which is exactly what sets this new store in downtown Carrollton apart from all the others. The new branding began with a unique symbol which incorporates a stylized line drawing of the downtown Carrollton buildings placed into a silhouette of a wedding gown. The use of bold colors and modern fonts helps make the branding of this store as unique as this one-of-a-kind bridal boutique.

The corporate branding began with the creation of a bold eye catching business card and stationery. The collateral, store signage and merchandizing all make excellent use of the unique bridal store logo. The corporate colors and iconic symbol help unify all the various elements of social media, advertising and website so when a new bride comes to the store for the first time, she already feels familiar with the unique vibe that has been created in this special place.