Strong Brands begin with a Super Logo

A professional logo design is the first step in establishing your brand. Your logo should be used on all of the marketing material you produce, from your business card, brochure, website or print advertising. Your logo should work well in small one color applications as well as large signage if that is appropriate for your business. This is why it is so very important to get the design right from the start, because this is the cornerstone of your brand.

Whether you currently have a logo that needs some updating to reflect where your business is now positioned or you want a brand new logo to represent your company in the marketplace, we’ve got the experience and creativity to help you create the perfect logo.

A professional logo design takes teamwork

The logo design process involves a whole series of steps that eventually leads to the new logo. The client is involved in helping set the goals and direction of the new logo. Things like: is the look going to be modern or classic, hand crafted or geometric, whimsical or serious? These all are decisions that will be made with the client when we put together the creative brief. This document will be used by the designers to guide their creative process on the way to your new professionally designed logo. The more input we receive up front the better the final logo will meet the goals established in the creative brief.

Professional Logo Design Sketch Shirt

The design process begins with the designer sketches